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Pastured Pork

Our pigs arrive at our farm at six weeks of age. We get them from a farmer who raises her sows on pasture and, from the moment the piglets are able, they are allowed free access to their pastures alongside their moms. They get nice, warm, straw-filled homes and access to pasture, where they can run, root, wallow, and play. They spend their lives in hog heaven, basking in the sun, sleeping in the shade, and eating all of what nature intended a pig to eat. That's why our pork products taste so good!

We offer bulk sales of pork at $5.00 lb. hanging weight. The average hanging weight for a pig is 200 lbs. Please remember weights will vary season to season. Our pigs are generally available in the early fall. You make the arrangements with the butcher on how you want your pork cut up, and the price for the cut and wrap is generally .50 lb, with curing a little more. Below is an example of what an average order will look like, but, of course, it's all up to you. We do not put estimated weights for the types of cuts, as that is determined on how you decide you want your pork to be cut. A side of pork is cut up the same way, it is just half the amount.

Sample Cut List
   - Ham boneless or bone in
   - Ham steaks
   - Bacon
   - Pork chops
   - Top loin roast (boneless)
   - Tenderloin roast
   - Spareribs
   - Country style ribs
   - Ground pork or sausage
   - Ham hocks

We begin taking orders in February. Use our order form to place your order.