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Photos From Our Farm

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the farm.

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Rows and rows of young potato plants extend into the distance, a sure sign of spring moving into summer.

Squash and Blossoms
This pairing illustrates the perfect moment for early harvest, when one can enjoy a tender young squash and its blossom.

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Chicken Run
During our annual "chicken run," we herd the chickens from their winter housing to their summer dwellings. We hope for good weather, because the chickens, already confused, become downright ornery if it's raining!

Chicken Run
Once their summer homes are visible, the chickens seem to recognize the fields and surroundings and begin to calm down.

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Theo, the goat
When Theo first arrived, we made him a little pen until he got used to his new home.

Fennel Field
Fennel is tall and striking in the field.

Additional photos of the farm can be found on the Growing Things Farm photo stream on Facebook.

The Female Farmer Project

Our own Farmer Michaele recently had her farming season documented in Audra Mulkern's brilliant series, The Female Farmer Project. The project documents the rise of women in farming by presenting photos and stories of some of the many women who grow our food, and their journeys to reinvent farming. Audra's lovely photos of Michaele and Growing Things Farm are collected under the title The Agrarian.


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